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Find Clothes From A Picture Easily With These 5 Apps!

Do you want to find that perfect outfit for the event coming up without hours of scrolling through pages? Visual search can be your best ally when you need to easily find clothes from a picture!

You may have found yourself in the following situation in the past: You have an event or holiday coming up, and you want to look your best; you have a lot of inspiration from social media, yet you don’t know where to buy those fantastic clothing items. In that case, trying one of these apps or websites might be a game-changer.

These tools use AI-powered image recognition technology to identify styles, patterns, colors, and other product characteristics to find exact matches or similar products in different price ranges. The intuitive algorithm helps you get style inspiration from the latest trends without breaking your budget!

In this article, we will explain why we love these tools and how you can use them.

Amazon StyleSnap

Why we love it: All the Amazon inventory at your fingertips

It’s not an app in itself; it’s a feature embedded in the Amazon app’s search bar that allows you to perform a visual search of the Amazon inventory. So, if you’re interested in shopping from Amazon, this is your best choice.

Follow these steps to use StyleSnap:

  1. Download the Amazon app if you don’t have it already
  2. In the search bar, click on the camera icon on the right
  3. Click on the StyleSnap icon in the lower-left corner
  4. Upload your picture
  5. That’s it! You should get results in a few seconds.

The algorithm should be able to identify all the clothing and accessories in the picture. Each piece is marked with a dot, so you can select the things you’re interested in and see the results only for those.

For example, it identified the blouse, skirt, bag, and shoes from the picture we uploaded. We were able to go to each of them and see the relevant results. If you click on any of those, it will take you to the product page where you can shop.

In our experience, StyleSnap worked smoothly, returning results impressively fast.

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Pinterest Lens

Why we love it: Great for inspiration

Pinterest also provides a visual search feature inside its app, called Pinterest Lens. If you are already a Pinterest app user, there’s no need to download anything else.

Follow these steps to use Pinterest Lens:

  1. Download the Pinterest app if you don’t have it already (Android, iOS)
  2. Click on the search icon
  3. Once on the search page, click on the camera icon at the right of the search bar.
  4. Click on the left lower corner to upload your picture
  5. That’s it!

In this case, the AI was able to identify the blouse, skirt, and shoes. It missed the bag. If we were interested in searching for similar bags, it would be advisable to upload a picture where the bag is more visible.

Like Amazon’s Style Snap, you can zoom in on the identified items to search for those.

We love the app user experience in general, and the visual search feature is no exception. It returns results fast and provides two categories: Explore and Shop. The first one is great if you’re just looking for inspiration, but if you fell in love with an item and are ready to buy it, just click on it and you will be directed to the seller’s website.

Google Lens

Why we love it: Search against millions of products; exact match results

The best about Google Lens is that you can try it from an app that you most likely already have, such as Google Photos, or even from your browser, so there’s no need even to install an app! 

In this case, we used the Google Photos app. If you want to try it, follow the instructions:

  1. Download the Google Photos app if you don’t have it already
  2. Go to the photo you want to search for clothing from
  3. Click on the camera icon on the bottom
  4. That’s it. Google algorithm will work its magic!

It works super fast and has a good user experience. Like Amazon StyleSnap, it detects all items in an outfit and allows you to tap each of them to see the results. 

However, in our case, it detected more than just the clothing and accessories. It also caught the plants and pots in the picture, which is expected since Google performs a more general search, and it’s not limited to fashion.

If you want to exclude certain items in the picture from the search, you can try cropping it and focus on the clothing you’re after.

If you’re looking for an exact match, this is probably your best option! Given that Google can search against basically the whole web.


Why we love it: Advanced search with exact match results and the possibility to filter

Lykdat works as a web app in your browser, so you don’t need to download an app.

To use Lykdat, follow these steps:

  1. Open a browser and go to the Lykdat website
  2. Click on “Search with an image.”
  3. Upload your picture
  4. You can crop it if you want to focus on a particular piece.
  5. Get your results.

We found Lykdat very easy to use, it works super fast, and the results are accurate! It’s also great that it lets you crop the picture before uploading it.

Lykdat can detect several different items in a picture, and you can click on each of them to analyze the result separately. In this case, it caught the top, skirt, shoes, and even the bag (not all apps detected it)!

We have to say the results are one of the most accurate as we got the exact match for the shoes. We also loved that once you have the results, you can filter by gender, location, color, etc.

Lykdat is one of the most advanced solutions if you’re serious about finding exact matches and customizing your search. 

Asos Style Match

Why we love it: Specific and targeted to Asos inventory

The concept of Asos Style Match is very similar to those presented above; you can take or upload a picture and get similar matches right away. 

Of course, the difference is that you will just get results from the Asos inventory, which is more limited than doing a broad search like with Google, so you might not find exact matches.

Follow these steps to use Asos Style Match:

  1. Download the Asos app if you don’t have it already
  2. In the top search bar, click on the camera icon
  3. Click on the lower right corner to upload a picture
  4. Get your results
Asos style match can help you find clothes from a picture

Instantly, we got the best matches from the Asos inventory for the picture we uploaded. The only downside is that you cannot select an item to focus on. For example, I don’t know if I’m getting results for the skirt, blouse, or a bit of everything.

In this case, if you’re interested in a particular item, you can crop the picture before searching to just focus on what you’re looking for. 

Final thoughts

Finding clothes from a picture is now possible with the help of AI. The visual search technology allows you to upload any photo and find fashion items similar in color or style. It’s an excellent way for those who have just had their heart set on wearing one thing but can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

If would like to know more about useful apps for fashion, check out our article on how to plan your outfits using technology!