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What is Athleisure and How to Continue to Nail The Style in 2022

What is Athleisure and How to Continue to Nail The Style in 2022

Leggings, sneakers, and your favorite accessories to go along with it: there is no denying the strong presence of the athleisure style in our culture today, where gym wear has become an everyday staple in wardrobes around the globe.

Athleisure has earned its place as one of the most fool-proof and reliable ways to dress today, skyrocketing in popularity over the past decade. Especially within the last couple of (homebound) years, comfort has taken priority when it comes to our clothes – in athleisure, though, there is no need to compromise on style, either. 

In modern times, athleisure’s popularity can be attributed to more than its comfortable, chic, and effortless aesthetic; the style also prioritizes functionality and convenience in our everyday lives. From a breakfast date to the gym and everything in between, athleisure has gained a loyal following for its functional yet “put-together” vibe. 

It might be easy to get the gist of this coveted aesthetic, but knowing how to understand and implement this style in your closet can be more of a challenge. Let’s look at some top tips for mastering athleisure dressing in 2022.

What is Athleisure?

First things first!

Tracing back to the 70s, the term “athleisure” began as a reference to popular sports apparel that integrated into the everyday wardrobes of athletes and casual gym-goers. Today, the term alludes to a similar, perhaps more polished, concept – athletic wear that can be worn alongside everyday pieces to compose a casual yet stylish look. 

With versatility at its forefront, athleisure can easily adapt to more specific circumstances. From a brunch date to your gym training session and everything in between, athleisure ensures you can be ready for any occasion that comes your way throughout the day. 

Of course, athleisure as a style has evolved to become more than just a dressed-up version of your best gym outfit. We can often find athletic-inspired characteristics in an outfit that bring a relaxed and casual flair to a look – in clothes that are likely to stay far from the actual gym. 

The Athleisure Checklist

At its core, athleisure combines comfort, practicality, and individual style to compose sleek, effortless looks for the everyday.  Much like the mentality behind a capsule wardrobe, having a selection of cohesive pieces within your collection can facilitate the process of mastering this style. 

Before creating your list of items for your perfect athleisure look, narrowing down your desired aesthetic is essential. While “athleisure” does an excellent job of describing this overall style, the term also encompasses a few variations within its scope. 

To get a good grasp on your needs and personal preferences, think about the places you tend to visit and what you are looking to dress for. Are you searching for a fashionable way to rock your gym outfit before your afternoon gym session, or are you just looking for a casual, comfortable style for your everyday activities? 

Nailing down your intentions can go a long way in determining the pieces you’ll want to invest in and the overall inclination of your new athleisure wardrobe. 

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Staple pieces and Pro Tips


While there can be other great bottom alternatives for any athleisure look, leggings are amongst this style’s top must-haves. Versatile and always comfortable, these skin-tight, form-fitting pieces are great basic pieces to build on.

Perfect for the off-duty gym rats that want to look put together in between training. Throw on your favorite jacket, handbag, and dainty jewelry to make up the quintessential athleisure look. 

Like biker shorts, quality leggings can seamlessly elevate any look by setting the cool, casual scene. While it’s not necessary to break the bank when shopping for this staple, it’s important to opt for well-fitting leggings that flatter your shape and make you feel your best.

Track Pants

Both track pants and sweatpants are perfect athleisure staples when it comes down to building an ultra-comfortable, ultra-cool off-duty look. Whether you go for the matching tracksuit, a low bun, and your favorite sunglasses or match your sweats with a cropped hoodie, there is no going wrong with this athletic, laid-back piece.


From sneakers, jewelry, makeup, sunglasses, and even hair claws, dressing up staple athleisure clothing pieces always includes your favorite accessories. Unsure where to start? Keeping your pieces classic and dainty is an excellent way of keeping them timeless while you experiment with your taste.

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Closing thoughts

Athleisure outfits are known and beloved for their adaptability – don’t be afraid to switch your running shoes to a pair of your favorite sneakers before heading out of the door after a quick workout!! At the end of the day, it’ll always be about doing what works for you and makes you feel your best.

Timeless silhouettes with trendy colorways are an unbeatable combination for nailing the athleisure style in 2022. Pair your form-fitting leggings with an oversized, structured jacket for balance and a chic flair. 

This year, earthy neutrals like deep greens, browns, and beiges are great options to bet on, as these chic and clean tones give your athleisure look a contemporary touch.

Keeping a simple color palette in mind is a simple yet beneficial tip for constructing a cohesive and harmonious athleisure wardrobe, which will facilitate your shopping and make building your new favorite looks much more accessible and effortless – just like your outfit.

Introducing a new style into your wardrobe doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it sounds!  When it comes to athleisure, keeping things simple, sleek, and cohesive is a perfect way to get your feet wet into new territory while still integrating your style with some of your pieces and accessories simultaneously. 

Finding your personal take on a popular style only takes the initiative to experiment with it first – have fun!