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How to Wear and Easily Integrate Bohemian Chic Fashion into Your Wardrobe in 2022

Whether at a music festival or walking down the street, it’s hard to miss a good Bohemian Chic outfit when you see one.

A centuries-old style, Bohemian fashion has made its fair share of returns into mainstream fashion, routinely taking over our social media feeds, store shelves, and Fashion Week photos with its trademark characteristics and loveable flair.

A Little History Behind Bohemian Style

Throughout history, the word Bohemian has carried within itself a few different meanings and connotations – from its known origins to its use as a descriptor of style today. The term Bohemian was used to describe people living an artistic and unconventional lifestyle, normally Romani people, upon their arrival in Paris in the 1800s.

A few decades later, the word Bohemian was used mainly to describe the uninhibited lifestyles of impoverished artists who took residency in the streets of Paris. While still considered a separate section of society, they were recognized for their artistic expression and freedom. The latter definition informs much of how we view Boho style today – a fashion identity often defined by expressive, free-flowing elements.

Similarly to other popular trends of the 90s, Boho has quickly returned to the esteemed place it once occupied on the global fashion stage. Present in this year’s Fashion Week runways around the world, it’s safe to say Boho is officially back.

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What Is The “Boho Chic” Style?

A far more recent term, “Boho Chic,” gained popularity in early 2000s celebrity culture, where actors, supermodels, and others in the entertainment industry adopted the style and gave it its name. The term remains used and appropriate today, ruling the top fashion events of the year.

While there are clear parallels from this era to today’s take on Boho Chic by the world’s top designers, there are also quite a few differentiating factors to dive into. 

Namely, Boho Chic outfits in 2022 maintain a modern, clean flair while still embracing the statement elements known to the style. This new take on the well-known Boho fashion sense seems to steer towards less busy looks, focusing on one or two main components.

Boho Chic Style Characteristics

Despite the differences from its 2000s version, Boho Chic continues to stick to and push forward its claim-to-fame materials and items like crochet, tie-dye patterns, tassels, vests, and hats, all largely present and in-style today.

A focus on specific materials and fabrics also leads to a different kind of peculiarity about the style: a tendency toward artisanship and handmade pieces, often leading to more sustainable, eco-conscious items.

Boho Chic Outfits

It can seem overwhelming to take on a style that prioritizes individual identity and self-expression, with bold patterns and silhouettes at its forefront. The good news is there are endless style combinations and options to choose from – it’s all about understanding the foundation of the style and building your interpretation of it over time.

For specific, concrete advice, the following list of Boho Chic items is worth investing in for a versatile and fun wardrobe.

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Long Dresses

Boho Chic is all about the large, oversized, free-flowing silhouettes, which could not be more accurate than when it comes to long dresses. A true staple of both Bohemian and Bohemian Chic styles, long dresses are easy-to-style pieces that make you look high-effort wherever you’re headed.

Large, bold prints are almost always a go in this case, and this is where you can have fun! Take your pattern pick and let it be the center of your outfit.

Flowy Pants

You’ve likely encountered flowy pants in several different fashion styles – they are easy to style and highly adaptable to many different looks.

Boho Chic pants can be neutral (especially when you’re looking to shine the light on another louder piece or accessory), but they tend to have a flair.

Whether it be a slight color (or a lot of it!), different patterns, or drawstrings, they can be a great way to balance your outfit while still maintaining the Boho Chic vibe you’re looking for.

If you’re still unsure, there’s nothing wrong with starting with a more understated alternative while you look for your ideal way to mix and match.


Similarly to dresses, long skirts are a true Boho Chic staple. Able to vary in length, pattern, and fabric, endless options are out there waiting for you.

Large patterns also work perfectly here – the Bohemian, classic tie-dye pattern could be just the right choice.

If the idea of an entirely patterned dress is too much as you’re first trying to understand the style and integrate it into your own fashion choices, starting with a skirt is a great idea.

Accessories and Shoes

Yes, accessories are plentiful and often essential to finish any one fashion style, but they make their presence count in Bohemian Chic looks.

From crochet bags to gladiator sandals, large beaded earrings, and headbands, accessories can quickly transform an outfit and give it that unmistakable Bohemian flair.

Relying on accessories can also be a great way to experiment with the style without investing in many different clothing pieces.

Lean into the “chic” and grab a clean, more structured bag with your flowy Boho look – find your flow!

It can be argued that the identity of the Bohemian style emerged from the circumstances of its name: affordable, artistic, and accessible ways to dress that championed self-expression simultaneously.

Today, while the core identity of the style largely remains, the Boho style has found its match alongside a more minimal, contemporary lens. In 2022, the Boho Chic movement certainly speaks to the modernity and timely relevance of the style within today’s fashion atmosphere.