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The Best 11 Fashion Trend Forecasting Websites & Agencies In 2022

The Best 11 Fashion Trend Forecasting Websites & Agencies In 2022

Fashion as a business is constantly evolving. To remain on top of the competition, you must keep up with the current trends in your industry. 

Companies may benefit from fashion forecasting services by staying on top of current trends and gaining a more significant part of the market. By having an expert predict what’s happening in the fashion world, you’ll know exactly how to plan your marketing campaigns and production capacities.

We’ve made this blog post so that you don’t have to spend hours searching and trying to find all this information by yourself. Here we list 11 services that are doing great work out there helping businesses or individuals like you succeed!


Heuritech is the only technological solution that analyzes the fine characteristics of social media photographs to understand your product, consumers, and market fully.

A cutting-edge fashion technology firm, Heuritech, gives businesses predictive data on trends and goods. AI-powered Heuritech helps fashion firms estimate demand and trends more precisely, create more sustainability and gain a unique competitive advantage by translating real-world photographs posted on social media into relevant information.

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PhDs formed the firm in 2013 with one purpose: to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and business, two sectors typically separated. Heuritech is still applying the most recent scientific findings to the fashion business many years later.

Predictive analytics on growth, volume, adoption speed, etc., may be used to accurately measure demand and trends by studying what’s occurring on social media. By anticipating upcoming trends rather than merely responding, fashion manufacturers can create the amount required for each region and audience, lowering their excess.


To date, WGSN has accurately predicted trends for the most valuable brands in the world for more than two decades. Since its founding in 1998, WGSN has been a driving force in the fashion industry by predicting the future and disrupting the market with its groundbreaking online trend service.

They continually keep an eye out for changes in customer attitudes, feelings, and behaviors. To help companies remain relevant and ensure their future, their specialists connect the connections to precisely forecast what consumers will need in the years to come.

Insights from reputable sources, including up-to-the-minute trend updates and 10-year-out projections, help you make educated choices. Everywhere in the globe, WGSN helps creative thinkers understand and create for the next-generation customer.


Subscribers to the Trendzoom service get very precise trend forecasts. Four categories of reports are available to the service: Colour, Concept, Fashion, and Design. With the trendPX portfolio, Trendzoom also supplies street style inspiration and offers business consultations.

The Fashion forecasting reports capture emerging trends from catwalk and street style photographs in highly graphic and engaging pieces. In the form of mood boards, they transform the season’s main themes into practical design concepts. Analysis of catwalk and street style photographs is used to identify fresh design concepts for clothing and accessories.

They cover three main topics in the reports: womenswear, male fashion, and youth fashion. Each line and proportions, fabric textures and patterns, surface patterns, and essential elements are revealed in each category to guarantee that the new design continues to be current and collectible.


Fashion and lifestyle trends are Trendstop’s specialty, but they’re more than just a forecasting firm. The experts at Trendstop are here to help you make informed decisions about the future so that you don’t waste your time and money on products that don’t sell.

A sustainable and lucrative fashion and leisure sector is the goal at Trendstop. Since 2002, they’ve been utilizing their proven trend forecasting technique and market information to keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to customer demand. It’s easier to spend your money on products that you know others will desire.

Don’t waste your time guessing. Do some research about what mainstream customers will want to wear 12 months from now, and follow their progress. As a result, you may confidently plan new goods for future seasons.

You may get a taste of Trendstop trend reports for free.


Regarding consumer culture, TOBE TDG is a go-to source for expert advice and cutting-edge creative solutions. TOBE and The Doneger Group, founded in 1927 and 1946, respectively, have evolved for today’s financial world.

TOBE TDG is a special operations team that provides strategic advice on branding, positioning, consumer interaction, merchandising and curation, design direction, and marketing message for outstanding organizations. It has one of the most forward-thinking and effective content platforms, thanks to its extensive market research.

TDG has developed a new model for predicting significant transformations in the sociocultural and creative landscapes two to five years before they occur.

When working with fashion, beauty, entertainment, food & beverage, hospitality, real estate, and lifestyle industries, TOBE TDG brings a new perspective, a critical eye, and a keen analytical mind to every project. T

DG has a long history of retail and trend forecasting and is an industry powerhouse for complete merchandising guidance, taking into account everything from branded resources to private label and proprietary lines and collaborations and partnerships.

It’s a dream come true to have a group of brilliant people who can think critically and creatively on a wide range of subjects, from new ventures to hot-button issues in the corporate world.

Fashion Snoops

The fashion and other consumer-facing sectors’ companies, retailers, and manufacturers are empowered to act on future trends via Fashionsnoops’ services. They take a broad view, start early, and keep an eye on the trends that will affect customer behavior.

They can inform product development from inception to completion by explicitly stating why a trend is significant. By providing you with complete access to their decision-making process, Fashionsnoops offers transparency to trend forecasting.

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In today’s hyper-connected world, today’s creatives are asking for more than open-ended possibilities to cope. An editor’s remarks and industry experts’ thoughts offer a complement to their stories.


Through their True Trend Validation, Patternbank continually tests and monitors the relevance of their central forecasts and themes and tracks the growth profile of emerging trends, reclassifying them as significant themes and increasing coverage as they gain traction enabling you to gain first-to-market advantage within your category.

Patternbank was established by industry experts dedicated to empowering designers and simplifying the pattern purchase process.

As of 2012, they’ve been bringing together fashion, home, stationery, and gift-buying clients from all around the world. The B2B marketplace provides a simplified solution where clients can find curated designs, get trend inspiration to drive their purchasing choices, and purchase and download digital files instantaneously.

Patternbank is committed to providing your company with directional and commercially relevant designs and patterns. They know that staying on top of the newest and upcoming trends is critical when it comes to picking the appropriate appearance for your product.

For these directional and economically significant print and pattern trend topics, their trends team looks at a wide variety of sectors. Analyses have been conducted on various issues, including works of art, films, fashion, music, and pop culture. They are aware of the fast-paced nature of the design profession, and their goal is to help you and your team stay on top of the latest trends.


Trendcouncil has compiled a collection of the season’s most important trend stories using mood boards, primary color palettes, materials, and other inspiration. For each subject, there are also vector flat drawings and original art files. Intimate, active, and swimming assessments are available for all genders and ages.

Each season, they assist in the deciphering of tens of thousands of runway cues. Their seasonal forecasting provides you with a tool and insight for your seasonal development by presenting the most basic patterns of each season.

Every season, the editors go through the collections to find the standouts, essential pieces, knitwear, denim, print, embellishments, and materials that will influence your future design decisions and purchases.

To help you plan your long-term design initiatives, they’ve created the TRENDVOYANT area of their site to synthesize the most recent worldwide societal, cultural, and lifestyle trends so that you can better inform your company strategy.


When it comes to maximizing sales and return on investment, you need F-trend trends’ solutions and services to make sure you have the right product in the right location at the right time. Using their foresight, they can help you save time and money, improve the accuracy of essential product choices, and boost your profit margins all at the same time.

Designers, brands, and retailers may benefit from F-fashion trend’s trend intelligence by making smarter decisions from idea to production, increasing profitability, and boosting revenue growth.

Eclectic trends

Eclectic Trends is dedicated to observing and interpreting trends. They help you recognize trends, make them your own, and turn them into new ideas for your business and consumers.

In each report, you’ll find a wide variety of initiatives and ideas for further research. Your self-esteem will soar, and you’ll be able to begin implementing new ideas.

ModaCable is a close-season and long-distance fashion trend forecaster. If you’re looking for a fashion archive, you may also find one here. Follow up on fashion shows and critical shapes for the forthcoming season regarding accessories and footwear, children’s clothing and denim, and men’s wear trends and colors.