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How To Master The Parisian Style Of Dressing In 2022?

Have you always wanted to channel that effortlessly cool Parisian style but never known where to start? The fashionistas of Paris are admired worldwide for their ability to look incredibly chic without the appearance of ever really trying too hard. I’ve recently been to Paris, and I was positively surprised to see stylish people everywhere. 

This latest blog post defines the classic Parisian style, plus tips for securing this sought-after look.

What defines Parisian style?

At its heart, the Parisian style is about confidence and minimalism. Once you have some essential staples, the looks don’t require much effort. That is the charm of the Parisian style. Ideally, you should look (and feel) chic in an outfit that, by all accounts, you have just “thrown on.” 

A Parisian wardrobe doesn’t need to be packed to the brim with an endless hoard of clothes, but rather a few quality staples that can be dressed up in various ways. 

The guide to mastering Parisian style

Find below five tips for mastering the ultimate Parisian style for your next wardrobe refresh.

Chic is a style of its own

The phrase “chic” and fashion go hand in hand, but did you know it translates to “casual”? Chic epitomizes Parisian style, with the concept that casual and comfortable is always a good look. 

Consider the classic, simple pairing of jeans and a white tee, maybe with a black trenchcoat thrown over the top for good measure during colder months. There are many classic Parisian-style items you can add to your wardrobe!

Don’t be afraid to embrace androgyny

Any authentic Parisian outfit includes a touch of the masculine. Typically this is in the form and fitting, for example, suit trousers or an oversized men’s blazer. 

Make sure to strike the delicate balance of masculine and feminine attire to secure an authentic Parisian look. Consider a boxy oversized jacket over a more feminine silk slip dress. 

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Put your money into quality items

Parisian wardrobes are created with a less is more approach. In this instance, it is better to invest your money into a few quality items that prove versatile for a range of outfits rather than continually buying cheaper clothes. 

Purchase a few timeless staple items like a great pair of jeans or a stylish winter coat that will see you through the years.

Quality accessories are also important. There’s nothing better than a nice pair of shoes, a handbag, or sunglasses to elevate any look.

Avoid bright colors and prints

Parisians keep things minimal and neutral in tone, so avoid bold and flashy colors—ditto for prints and patterns. If you want to add a touch of color to your Parisian outfits, do so in finer details or accessories, such as a scarf or a piece of statement jewelry. 

Keep things natural

When it comes to Parisian fashion and beauty, less is always more. When looking to do your makeup like a classic Parisian, put away the heavy foundations and eyeliner and instead opt for a tinted moisturizer and light coat of mascara. 

Remember to take this approach regarding hair: opt for a style that looks a little messy and undone. A classic messy bob would be a quintessential Parisian hairstyle.