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How To Master The Soft Girl Aesthetic & Style Enviable Outfits

How To Master The Soft Girl Aesthetic & Style Enviable Outfits

Dreamy pastel hues, fluffy accessories, utterly cute prints, and subtle hints of Y2K nostalgiathe soft girl aesthetic is a modern yet somewhat familiar take on hyperfeminine sensibility, and we are here for it. It doesn’t take more than a few scrolls on TikTok, the genesis of all fashion trends, to find yourself lost in the sartorial vortex where soft girl style mavens constantly share a slew of copy-worthy outfits that you can try for yourself. 

Celebrities are also taping into dreamlike-territory! From Cassie’s attire on HBO’s “Euphoria” and Margot Robbie’s date night ensembles to Vanessa Hudgens’ whimsical floral dress and romantic vibes, it’s safe to say that the soft girl aesthetic has taken over the entire fashion sphere.

We rounded up the most important soft girl styling tips to help you master the soft girl aesthetic and channel the cuteness of candy-colored hues into your daily attires.

What is the soft girl aesthetic/style?

TikTok’s most viral fashion trend pulls nostalgic elements from the late 90s and 2000s and blends them perfectly with charming pieces from the cottage-core movement. As Urban Dictionary describes it, a soft girl is “nice to everyone” and “approachable” with an affinity for sweet-as-candy clothing and accessories. Cropped cardigans, slip dresses, pleated skirts, and bucket hats adorned with charming heart, cloud, or floral motifs are the staples of every soft girl’s style “uniform.”

Where did the soft girl style trend come from?

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of the soft girl aesthetic. Some mavens attribute the birth of soft style to Bratz Dolls, the beloved toys that reinforced feminism, friendship, and diversity. We couldn’t talk about hyper-feminine soft looks without mentioning the OGs: Cher Horowitz from Clueless and Regina George from Mean Girls; the prime examples of light, bright, yet soft colors like sky blue, baby pink, and pale yellows that are the ideal basis of every outfit-building process. Ultimately, the soft girl aesthetic is exactly where glamour and a pared-down relaxed style collide.

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How to dress as a “soft girl”?

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the soft girl aesthetic, you are probably eager to master the soft girl style with some tried-and-true cutesy staples for this season and beyond.

Here’s what you need to recreate the most viral TikTok looks.

Soft Girl Dresses

Utterly feminine and playful, soft girl-style dresses are cute and floaty. During the warm summer days, sweet prints like flowers, fruits, and gingham are all the rage. Some silhouettes adorn preppy ruffles, while others are more minimalistic and figure-hugging. From milkmaid dresses to slip minis, the options are endless. Finish the look with a pair of chunky white sneakers, a string of pearls, and a Y2 K-inspired baguette shoulder bag — chef’s kiss.

Soft Girl Skirts

No soft girl closet arsenal would be complete without at least a few 90s-inspired tennis skirts. Opt for pastel plaids or simple white styles that can be paired with almost everything. These feminine staples look ah-mazing with cropped cardigans or bralettes — if the weather gets too hot. Complete the aesthetic with your go-to sneakers, and don’t forget to add some pearl-adorned hair clips.

Soft Girl Style Tops

Granted, pastel crop tops are currently dominating our social media feeds, so you probably have a pretty good idea of how to take advantage of their cuteness. Whether you are a polo shirt, long-sleeved cardigan, or turtleneck gal, the styling options are all in your favor. For a true “uniform” look, pair your favorite polo shirts with cropped vests. Alternatively, grab a pastel turtleneck with infinite layering possibilities and a pair of mom jeans.

Soft Girl Style Cardigans

Perhaps the most instantly-recognizable spale of soft girl style dressing, cardigans are singlehandedly carrying this trend. From monochromatic pastel styles to funky knits and color blocking, we’ve seen a slew of otherworldly cute outfit combos with supersoft cardigans. Layer your cardi over a crop top or wear it on its own with a tennis skirt or a pair of slacks in matching or clashing tones. Don’t forget to opt for your bucket hat and a minimalist baguette shoulder bag.

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Soft Girl Hats

Besides cardis and tennis skirts, hats are prominent players in the soft girl style game. The rules are pretty simple, the cuter, the better. Hues like pink, lemon, and lavender reign supreme, but you can also play around with the fabrics. Fuzzy textures are ideal for autumn and winter, while classic fabrics are s warm-weather staples. Bonus points if you find hats with cutesy patterns like lemons, cherries, or hearts.

Soft Girl Aesthetic Bags

As we previously mentioned,  baguette shoulder bags are the epitome of the soft girl aesthetic. You can’t help but notice that OG styles from Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Prada are coming back in the pre-loved market, and for a good reason. Do it like the Bratz Dolls with shoulder bags in pastel colors, or choose a subtle, classic version in white or black to easily match all your looks.

Soft Girl Shoes

Seriously, what is the soft girl aesthetic without candy-like shoes? Sneakers and pastel slides are the ultimate soft girl must-haves. Most aficionados choose to add tall socks to adhere to their tennis skirt look, but you can also style them with mom jeans and slip dresses.

Soft Girl Jewelry

Last but not least, the jewelry! hyper-feminine and nostalgic jewels like cherry necklaces, beaded bracelets with smiley faces, big plastic rings, and skillfully-crafted clay earrings reign supreme. 

Remember, the soft girl aesthetic is about expressing your playful, cute shelf through clothing that lights up everyone’s day. There is no denying that the soft girl style is the antidote to the gloomy days of the last couple of years, and with the right pieces, you can tap into this viral trend ASAP.

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