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10 Sustainable Clothing Brands For Petite You’ll Love

10 Sustainable Clothing Brands For Petite You’ll Love

Women who are petite or small-sized have a hard time finding fashionable clothing that fits them well. 

Most fashion brands and stores aren’t designed for women like us, so we have to settle for clothes that don’t fit as they should or pay more money to get custom-made clothes. And even if we do find something that fits us well in the store, it’s often not very sustainable.

Because of that, we’ve compiled this list of 10 sustainable clothing brands for petite women who want to look good without harming our environment!

Petite studio NY


Petite Studio NYC understands that rapid fashion outsourcing results in inconsistencies in fit, which is incredibly aggravating for Petites. As a result, they create with slimming and elongating elements in mind, such as a high waist, shorter cropped ankles, waist synching, and ankle flares.

Their fit method is done in-house and consists of 2-3 rounds of samples on genuine tiny fit models over several months. As a result, their range has a uniform and flattering design that fits throughout.

The Petite Studio design team created their sizes specifically for the petite frame. The Petite Studio size chart is unique and should provide you with the most fantastic small fit found anywhere. The average Petite Studio garment takes 20 hours to make, compared to 4 hours on a standard fast fashion production line.

Each feature, such as hand-made stitching and internal lining for protection, is intended to extend the garment’s life. Their sourcing staff traverses the world to find the best mills for textiles like Australian wool for warm winter coats and premium Tencel for breathable dresses and blouses.

The brand only engages in smaller, more innovative production runs, producing small amounts of what the clients require, resulting in less extra stock.

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Stature NYC


Stature NYC is an ethical and indie fashion collective. Stature understands that one size does not fit all. They also understand that just because a petite is short-boned does not inevitably imply that an XS or S will fit.

That’s why they devised a mechanism to verify that their sizes will fit your small-framed frame. Stature is a well-curated store for the vertically challenged.

They hand-pick clothing and accessories from independent designers. Each piece is scaled to fit smaller frames, which means that every element in their seasonal collections has shorter torsos and inseams, narrower shoulders, smaller armholes, and pants with the proper ankle-to-leg ratio.

You can use all of their models’ dimensions as a guide — stature models are all 5’4″ and under.



SeamsFriendly thinks that well-made designer clothes should be available for all body shapes as body acceptance advocates. Their Petite Collection provides gorgeous fashionable petite women’s clothes.

The brand offers narrower shoulders, shorter armholes, shorter sleeves, shorter hemlines, shorter inseams, lower pant rise, higher darts & pockets, higher bust, waist, hem, and knee positions for tiny body frames. If you’re still unsure, you can always select the free Custom-Fit option to have your garment adjusted to your exact measurements.

Their small assortment isn’t merely made up of “cute” items. There’s something for everyone there. The fabrics in the collection are soft, light, absorbent, non-allergic, and make your skin feel lovely.

The use of biodegradable materials lowers the release of microplastics and other hazardous substances linked with the garment business. The brand chooses durable and long-lasting textiles that may be worn several times without washing after each wear. These materials are natural insulators that become softer with each washing.

SeamsFriendly carries over 1600 styles but has no inventory. Every piece is made-to-order, guaranteeing no unsold inventory and allowing them to provide a broader choice of clothes.

Tailor Store


Say goodbye to mass-produced apparel and hello to clothing designed by you and for you. Tailor Store ensures that you feel as good as you look while wearing custom-tailored apparel authentic to your fit and style.

Tailor Store provides you with the fit of a lifetime by utilizing innovative technologies and algorithms. They created an algorithm that uses images, height, and weight to generate highly accurate measurements.

Head-to-head comparison studies have revealed that these are equivalent to measurements collected by a professional tailor.

Tailor Store is not your average clothing store. They only manufacture on demand and maintain no inventory, resulting in less waste and overproduction.

The company is proud to own and operate its facilities, assuring responsible and fair production. Their Perfect-Fit Guarantee does shopping for personalized apparel secure and straightforward.

If your new garment does not fit as you expected, the company will replace it for free. Oh, and there’s no need to worry about returns. You can keep it, donate it, or gift it to a friend.

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Seasalt Cornwall


Seasalt understands that feeling your best in your clothes is all about getting the ideal fit. It’s why each of their styles is fit-tested on actual men and women and why they’re extending the sizes and shapes they offer.

Petite clothes for women under 5’3″ are also available. Petite styles’ key dimensions have been altered so that they aren’t only shorter – they should fit flawlessly from head to toe.

The brand is proud of its systematic approach. Its collections are focused on quality and longevity, and each year, more materials with organic and recycled fibers are used to lessen the company’s impact on people and the environment.

As Seasalt has developed, so has its commitment to responsible behavior. That is why they are establishing science-based targets to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions. It’s also why they joined the British Retail Consortium Climate Action Roadmap, which means they’ll collaborate with retailers, suppliers, the government, and other stakeholders to achieve net-zero targets for the retail industry by 2040.



Unlike many other designers, Boden understands that a small size (made for customers 5ft 3in or shorter) requires more than merely taking a few inches off the hem.

Instead, they decrease the length of these clothes proportionally throughout – not only at the knee or ankle – so that they fit and flatter all over. When you try these on, you’ll notice a difference.

Boden is devoted to sustainability in addition to offering tiny sizes. By the end of the season, practically all women’s clothes will be polyester-free or manufactured from recycled polyester.

Currently, 60% of their cotton comes from more sustainable sources, and by 2023, it will be 100%. Because of their Better Cotton sourcing, an estimated 617 million gallons of water will be saved by 2021.

Furthermore, over the previous decade, the firm has donated over € 1.95 million (and a lot of garments) to some fantastic philanthropic organizations.

Boden also aims to ensure that your clothing has a life outside your closet, that you can repair them, distribute them, put them through the wringer, feel terrific and then make someone else feel fantastic as well.

Universal Standard


Universal Standard is an all-inclusive brand. They thought the standard size was slightly distorted, so they opted to alter the focus to match the actual bell curve. If the average lady wears a size 18, that should be a Medium. As a result, they provide sizes ranging from 4XS to 4XL (00 to 40).

The business understands how a number on a label can have such an impact on their clients’ life, so they removed size from the equation with Fit Liberty, allowing you to buy without anxiety, fear, or regret. Size can change, but fit should not.

As a result, they guarantee that they will replace your garments for free if your size varies. Any item in their Fit Liberty range is immediately eligible for a one-year size exchange.

Universal Standard’s collections are made from luxurious and environmentally friendly textiles. Their materials are pretty outstanding, and their sourcing is second to none.

Premium Peruvian cotton, Luxe Italian Merino wool, French satin crepe, their fabrics are exceptional, and their sourcing is second to none. They look for the best of the best, so you receive things that will last season after season, wear after wear, wash after wash.

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Elizabeth Suzann Studio


Elizabeth Suzann is a brand whose items are well-crafted, elegant, and practical. Because their collection contains Short, Regular, and Tall sizes, you’ll be able to locate Petite options.

The firm believes that the items you love are the ones you maintain, care for, repair, and use for many years. You wear the most sustainable clothing frequently and for an extended period; thus, the business creates items that encourage you to do just that.

Elizabeth Suzann is dedicated to minimizing their material choices’ social and environmental impact. Natural fibers, which are biodegradable and made from renewable resources, are used in their clothes.

Elizabeth and her assistant, Lydia, create, pattern, and cut the outfits in their backyard workshop. Every garment is stitched by them or a few talented local contractors.

Through their iconography and marketing, size range, variety of fits and styles, and purchasing possibilities, the brand makes everyone feel included and celebrated. Elizabeth Suzann’s apparel cannot be all things to all people, but they strive to help as many people as possible with their items.



Reformation’s purpose is to make sustainable fashion accessible to everybody, and they offer Petite sizes ranging from XSP to XLP.

They are aware that garment workers are frequently subjected to deplorable working conditions. That’s why they constructed their factory in Los Angeles, where they collaborate with amazing people from all around the world.

They feel it is their job to provide a safe, healthy, and equitable workplace for their teams and workers throughout the supply chain. They do the preceding through collaborations with industry bodies such as the Fair Labor Association, on-site social responsibility audits, and a dedication to ensuring workers have a voice in the business.

Reformation uses low-impact materials, salvaged deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage garments to create everything. They release new limited edition sets every week. They begin with limited amounts of each product based on direct data and feedback and only produce more if they know the clients want it.

Reformation is a Climate Neutral firm that plans to become Climate Positive by 2025.

Warp + Weft


Warp + Weft is a family-owned denim firm that has been in operation for three decades. Their eco-friendly mill is one of the world’s largest textile manufacturers, allowing them to produce high-quality denim good for you, the environment, and your money.

Everything they do is centered on inclusivity. Every item in the women’s collection is available in sizes 00-24.

Unlike typical fashion firms, they design for all bodies based on consumer data and unique requirements. The styles are then fit-tested on customers of different ages and sizes.

A regular pair of jeans consumes 1,500 gallons of water to manufacture, whereas a pair of Warps requires less than ten. Aside from that, 98 percent of the water they use is treated and recycled.

The brand also avoids the dangerous bleaching procedure by using cutting-edge Dry Ozone technology, making them fully compatible with International Social, Environmental, and Quality Standards.

Unlike other denim businesses, Warp & Weft creates premium denim from scratch. Cotton, Lycra, and Tencel are sourced from the United States, and the highest quality European dyes are used.