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8 Sustainable Mexican Clothing Brands Devoted To The Local Heritage

8 Sustainable Mexican Clothing Brands Devoted To The Local Heritage

Mexico is a country with a rich cultural history and an abundance of natural resources. One of the essential features of Mexican culture is the traditional clothing, which has been worn for centuries by many indigenous groups in Mexico. 

People from all over the world are now interested in wearing traditional Mexican clothing thanks to their unique designs and vibrant colors. 

These sustainable Mexican clothing brands are part of the growing movement dedicated to protecting traditions and bringing them into modern-day fashion trends.

These brands and designers make their collections using organic cotton, recycled materials, and other eco-friendly fabrics. They also have a solid social commitment with local communities in Mexico and abroad, so you can feel good about your purchase while looking great at the same time!

Alejandra Raw


Alejandra Raw is a sustainable fashion designer that draws inspiration from her surroundings and heritage. The brand is always on the lookout for new materials to create transformational fashion that sends a message of respect and conservation.

They use and develop cultural expression textiles, using skills from their ancestors such as the pedal loom, hand-knitting, and antique fabrics. To reduce waste, they also employ pieces made from upcycled materials.

Alejandra Raw collection is atemporal, and it does not adapt to passing trends. They produce one-of-a-kind items to commemorate the life, their ancestors, cultural heritage, love, destiny, and freedom. The Raw Project explores and creates “future clothes” since they believe in a more conscious tomorrow when quality wins over quantity.

Because of their handcrafted manufacturing method and brand values, they do not compete in the fast-fashion sector, which is focused on repetition and extensive inventories. Their business strategy is inherently slow since it relies on people’s labor, natural raw materials, and the process of translating them into one-of-a-kind items.

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As a result, creating each item necessitates a cycle of efforts and extra values provided by the many individuals who intervene in their creation. Raw honors life and the hands that make it possible.

Carla Fernandez


Carla Fernández is a Mexico City-based fashion brand committed to conserving and reviving Mexico’s indigenous and mestizo textile heritage. The brand’s approach to manual processes demonstrates that ethical fashion can be inventive, avant-garde, and advanced.

The Carla Fernández team travels across Mexico, visiting communities of craftsmen that specialize in handcrafted fabrics and centuries-old indigenous traditions, giving new meaning to luxury fashion. The brand’s approach to these areas helps preserve historic indigenous practices and the people who work with them.

Carla Fernández collaborates creatively and productively with artisans on each project; methods like embroidery and hand weaving are crucial to designing and manufacturing new pieces and collections. Furthermore, the organization is a B Corp, ensuring best practices are adopted in all business sectors.

Someone Somewhere


Someone Somewhere works with communities that believe in the notion of “good living,” which entails living in harmony with one’s community, family, nature, and the cosmos. Good living is defined as “a mode of action that encourages community, ecological balance, and cultural sensitivity.” Their objective is to convey that spirit in everything they make.

Someone Somewhere’s goal is to connect us, customers, with thousands of artisans who live in precarious situations to encourage their growth and contribute to their well-being. They mix their ancient processes with new designs to produce goods that influence people who wear them and those who manufacture them. 

The brand contributes to the growth and preservation of artisan communities’ traditions by engaging in fair trade. They achieve it by building a link between the customers and brilliant Mexican artists via goods they may utilize in their everyday life.

Someone Somewhere works with 180 craftworkers in five of Mexico’s poorest communities: Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Hidalgo, and the State of Mexico.

Amor & Rosas


Amor & Rosas is an ethical fashion label that combines current patterns with accents of handcrafted Mexican embroidery. Their products present the distinct and genuine aesthetic of Mexican culture in a contemporary and stylish manner. Their primary emphasis is quality.

The brand works hard to provide opportunities for qualified women while also preserving Mexican history. By collaborating with craftspeople from various communities, they are helping their livelihoods and resurrecting ancient traditions on the verge of extinction.

Amor & Rosas are continually inventing solutions to lessen our environmental effects. They believe in ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship. They utilize leftover fabric wherever feasible and work with eco-friendly textiles like hemp and recycled cotton. The high-quality clothing is designed to endure for years.

Today, the brand collaborates with 84 artisans from seven towns in Hidalgo, Oaxaca, and the state of Mexico. They are all experts in various embroideries and fabric looming methods. They collaborate closely with the artists via participatory design. They contribute their skills, and the brand contributes the fashion design knowledge to produce one-of-a-kind collaboration creations.

Laguna Collective


Laguna Collective collection is designed in Tulum and handcrafted using organic materials and traditional processes. When you purchase a Laguna Collective garment, you are purchasing more than simply a gorgeous piece of apparel that will last you a lifetime. You are assisting indigenous artisan women in Mexico with a sustainable source of income.

Laguna Collective is an organization that promotes and empowers indigenous women in México, intending to create a better way of life and fair economic compensation for their labor and skill.

The brand’s united purpose is to encourage direct and fair trade with the women who need it the most, resulting in improved economic situations for themselves, their families, and the larger community in which they reside.

MZ Fair Trade


MZ’s mission is to preserve the outstanding artistry of Oaxacan designers and artisans by linking them with socially aware buyers worldwide. MZ aspires to make a positive difference by providing chances for long-term employment, cultivating long-term connections, and adhering to fair trade practices at all times.

They appreciate the importance of weaving in preserving and promoting the remarkable Zapotec craft legacy. Their objective is to make weaving a more feasible living for the craftsmen while increasing their company mutually beneficial and respectful by sharing Zapotec textiles with a larger market. 

Transparency and accountability are two of fair trade’s most fundamental elements. As part of their commitment to openness, MZ goes to great pains to expose every manufacturing process step. 

They attempt to be as transparent as possible, from developing artisan profiles on their website so that the end buyer may meet the creator to discuss the garment’s manufacturing process and explain their shipping materials selections to be more sustainable.

Fabrica Social


Fabrica social is a Mexican social enterprise committed to developing and transmitting indigenous artists’ knowledge, methods, and craft. They work with artisans to create and produce handcrafted apparel and textiles, offering design tools, organization, administration, and marketing of the finished product.



Bohetnika is made by Mexican craftsmen who have been producing high-quality textiles for hundreds of years. Their handmade items are presently obtained from 200+ artisan groups in Oaxaca, Puebla, and Chiapas. Each piece is handmade and comes in a limited quantity. Their items are ethically sourced, bringing together human effect, sustainable goods, and mindful style. All their items are handcrafted, fair trade, and environmentally friendly.

Selvaggi Swimwear


Selvaggi Swimwear is a proudly Mexican business founded in 2017. It provides sustainable swimwear for men and women, with distinctive patterns and designs made by the creator and designer Norma Garcia. All designs are reversible to offer two or more looks for the price of one. 

The textiles originate from fishing nets retrieved from the seas because they contaminate the environment and kill marine species. The recovered ocean waste is then turned into a new fabric called ECONYL, used in all Selvaggi Swimwear collection pieces.